Future Cinema’s Tribute to Dennis Hopper

Anyone who’s seen my pictures of Secret Cinemas Blade Runner can surely appreciate the unbelievable sickness of this company of actors, filmmakers, performance artists, artist-artists and their creations. Every event is unique, put together with the same imaginative attention to detail and enthusiasm. Venues change each time from warehouses to carparks, rooftops, wherever… while audiences dress up, act up and fully integrate themselves into the film. But the experience is real, it’s live, and it’s The Future.

SO on a beautiful, warm summer’s evening in Stepney last night, we were lured into the darkness of Blue Velvet’s Slow Club (The Troxy) for a screening of what I’m starting to think is Lynch’s finest film, and Hopper’s finest performance. If only it weren’t to say goodbye to our favourite rebel 😦 – but let’s not dwell on that.

First of all, what a venue! The Troxy is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G – one of the the oldest cinema spaces in London – 2500 capacity, Tiffany glass ceiling, spiral staircases on both sides, a gallery with mirrored booths, bars, candle-lit tables, a huge stage and screen…. everything proper 30s style, natch. We had food, we had drinks, we had live music, we played dress up… then got to see one of the most disturbing films ever made. That said, I found it a lot funnier this time. I think I’m just older and darker. A lot darker – 1.20 onwards is amazing!

Dennis aside, I’ve been reanalysing Lynch recently thanks to that nutcase philosopher Slavoj Žižek, whose work I visited briefly at uni but revisited in more depth whilst researching this article on him for The Observer a few weeks ago. Žižek’s analysis of Lynch is fairly simple, yet amazingly conclusive (not to mention hilarious). As you’ll see in this extract from his A Pervert’s Guide to Cinema. Enjoy.


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