Wiki-Gate! The Afghan War Logs

And to think I was going to deface this lovely new page ranting about the hypocrisy of hating “those spunk trumpets” Jedward! NO. Sorry fellas, much as I love you, I have much bigger fish to fry on the day of your album release.

The Guardian really has the breaking news today, making public the “the biggest leak in US Intelligence history”: thousands of secret files exposing horrific truths of the Afghan war, collected by the whistleblowing website WIKILEAKS. The man behind this site is a very cool sounding Aussie by the name of Julian Assange – a homeless physicist who carries a desktop computer in a rucksack on one shoulder, and another for his essentials on the other shoulder, roaming “wherever the cause takes him”. I always said it, Australians can do anything 😉

To cut a very long story short, these are internal military logs, written between 2004-2009 mostly by junior field officers (yes, that makes a difference, but not to their credibility). Assange came up with a collaboration deal between The Guardian, The New York Times and Der Spiegel for them to sift through hundreds of thousands of data files, verify their authenticity / significance then deliver them to the public respectably, rather than just dumping them on the net where they might have lost impact.

Essentially the files reveal details of unlogged civilian deaths caused by NATO forces and of how the Pakistan Intelligence Service are secretly helping the Taliban (which they vehemently deny). The US have worried about Pakistan and Iran giving aid to Afghan insurgents for a while. But the rest paints quite a vivid picture of war in the Bush years, which nobody wants this thrown in their face – particularly Obama, desperate to change rep + tactics out there.

SO, obviously the White House are fuming, but their only defense is to call it an irresponsible threat to national security (the Guardian protected themselves of course, publishing only what they consider ‘safe’). What you read here is just a digest of the main events, but watching this unfold over the next few days is gonna be really interesting. You can read some juicy bits for yourself on the Guardian website, which they promise to update regularly, but WikiLeaks will be holding nothing back. Commentators all over the web have had really interesting things to say, too, and it’s only Monday, so keep checking. I love this shit.


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